Tiny Pretty Things

Tiny Pretty Things is a new series to Netflix about an elite dance school and its dark secrets. This mystery teen drama follows the dancers as they stop at nothing to get ahead. I really liked this series, I thought it was different than a lot of the teen drama shows we typically see. I liked the overall aesthetic of the series as it was very beautiful to watch and I thought the whole plot was very intriguing and did a good job at keeping you engaged.

This series is very mature and reminded me of Euphoria and 13 Reasons Why. I think the story arc for the series was well developed and doesn’t go too off course. I liked the cinematography of the show and its look. Especially when they are highlighting performers or revealing something within the plot through lighting, camera movement and just the way the series is shot. The scenes that stood out to me the most were the dance scenes and dream sequences.

My biggest issue with this show is that it really did not go into any character depth at all. These characters are horrible people and they do a lot of bad things. With little development, I found it hard to want to root for these characters. Part of this problem is that there are so many dancers and only so much screen time. Therefore, the more background characters and even most of the main characters don’t get a lot of time to show you why you should root for them.

The one character I really liked was Shane. I think in such a darker show he brings a comedic relief to the series and personality that the other characters tend to lack. To me, that is really apparent through his eccentric wardrobe compared to the more basic outfits that the other characters were featured in. When you have one character wearing bright pink or animal hoodies and the others wearing white shirts and jeans, it makes that one stand out. I’m also a bit bias as I am a fan of Brenan Clost who plays Shane and portrayed Daniel in the Canadian tv show ‘The Next Step’ when I was growing up. I think his portrayal of Shane is one of the unique or interesting things about this show.

The characters really make or break a show and I think the only thing that would have made this show amazing for me would have been better character development. Otherwise, I think this show is very well produced and technical. The series is pretty short, I watched it over the course of a couple of days and is easy to binge. It is truly beautiful to watch and I highly recommend it for people who enjoy dance, ballet, or tv dramas.


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