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Code 8 Part II

So a crazy thing happened and I was invited to Netflix’s world premiere of Code 8 Part II at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto ahead of its release on February 28th. The thing is I have never heard of it before and have never seen the original movie. However, it was a surreal experience to be a small part of an event like this. At first, I felt so incredibly out of place, but then I found some fellow students from my university and my friend which made me feel 100 times better. I was so awkward that I walked up to the concessions stand to buy popcorn to which the person working there replied “you know there is an entire table of popcorn for free over there”. As in I walked past over five 10ft long tables of popcorn buckets with the movie poster plastered on the side. I then stood over the balcony that looked over the red carpet for the next twenty minutes and got to see the top of their heads. Once seated, I had my popcorn and the actors Robbie and Stephen Amell and director Jeff Chan

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